Business and Strategic Planning

Many businesses have a good idea of where they are headed, but often it is implicit sometimes misunderstood and rarely kept in mind when important decisions fall to be made.

We can help clients find the time to distil their implicit hopes and plans into plain English statements that can be easily communicated at all levels within the business.  Taking well established, but technical models, we turn them into common sense concepts that help businesses protect what they have already established and plan future growth.  Working alongside clients we help make sure that the strategic plan is not an annual event that gets dusty on the shelf between anniversaries, but a living, working framework that ensures objectives are achieved.

We never expect clients to buy our services without first having an opportunity to discuss how things would work.  We enjoy hearing about what businesses do so we’re always happy to have an initial meeting to talk about what you want to achieve and how we can help you do it.  There’s no fee and no obligation, but if the chemistry is right and we’re excited to work together in our experience we can do great things together.