Merger! Acquisition! But then what?

Growing the business by merger or acquisition may be the right thing to do, but what happens next? Sometimes a deal becomes the objective in itself; putting on "deal goggles" can mean that there is insufficient planning and focus on how to deliver once the deal is done.

Every merger or acquisition naturally brings together at least two different cultures, sometimes more.  It’s natural for people to remember which ‘side’ they came from.  Breaking down barriers and setting shared objectives is critical to realising the best value from the deal.  Often it takes some independent help to make it clear the process is impartial and to get the focus right.  We can ensure you avoid the pitfall of sitting back when the deal is done and expecting it all to fall into place.

Our experience of mergers and deals means we are ideally placed to help you deliver the savings and synergies of your deal.  Helping you to manage change, set expectations and being a calm and independent voice in the midst of what most people will regard as turmoil is an invaluable service.  But don’t just take our word for it, meet with us and let’s talk about what will happen after your deal is done.  If you like what we say then we can start working together.