Business succession or exit by way of sale

In every businesses life cycle there comes a time for the owners to move on; to reduce their commitment or to step out completely. Sometimes the business passes to the next generation or to continuing partners - but are they ready for it? Will what you have built continue to flourish? Sometimes the best option is to sell - but can you realise the true value of what you have worked hard to create?

Entrepreneurs usually have drive, instinct and experience that is hard to find in their successors.  If you want to sell the business rather than handing it down it’s hard to find a purchaser who will pay what it’s worth and carry it on on the way that you hope.  It’s a once in a lifetime event for most owners, so some experienced, seasoned help along the way can literally be worth the family fortune.

If your plan is to hand the business over, whether you stay as a passive investor or get out altogether, we can help you capture the knowledge that you have and turn it into a framework that your successors can work within.  What’s more we can provide a continuity of approach for the new leaders to make sure they don’t flounder.  That way the value your hard work has created can be safely passed on and be built upon.

If you’d rather sell the business it is critical to maximise its appeal to prospective purchasers and minimise the risks they will be taking on.  Once an offer is made it’s vital to understand the process and to safely navigate the due diligence process.  Tap into our experience and avoid your ‘once in a lifetime’ being a learning experience that reduces the value you realise or, worse still, derails the sale process.