Our Services

We provide tailored coaching, non-executive and consultancy services to facilitate our clients' optimum potential and overcome challenges that often are new to them; consolidation, growth, transition, succession and realisation of value on exit. A combination of broad experience and training means we are well placed to be supportive and non-judgemental whilst challenging and providing an independent critical view.

Our service offerings include:

  • Coaching
  • Business and strategic planning and delivery
  • Help to access to equity and debt funding
  • Succession planning
  • Post merger/acquisition integration and optimisation
  • Sale/Exit strategy


  • No obligation, free of charge initial ‘chemistry’ session to discuss personal styles and fit
  • Non-directive method, identifying options and actions best suited to clients
  • Support between sessions
  • Individually designed sessions and programmes to best fit client needs

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Business and Strategic Planning:

  • Plain English and jargon-free statements of objectives
  • Step by step process to achieve success on our clients’ own terms
  • Reduction of complex methods and models to common sense action plans
  • Identification of the business ‘sweet spot’ to aim at

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Debt and Equity funding:

  • Writing proposals and applications to get funding from banks
  • Presentations and proposals made the right way to access investment

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Succession, Sale/Exit:

  • How to ensure the value of the business is protected as it is handed to the next generation
  • Optimising the value of the business for sale and ensuring the deal goes through

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Post merger/acquisition:

  • Most deals focus on getting the deal completed, but what next?
  • Harmonising different cultures
  • Realising the savings and synergies

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