About Us

BigRed CG is an independent company based in London and St Albans. We work with entrepreneurial businesses that have a strong sense of owner management across a range of sectors.

We provide coaching, consulting and advisory services to clients that span professional services, light industry, software and product licensing; in fact wherever leadership, transition and innovation are essential.  With strong backgrounds in professional services, finance, software and outsourcing, we are highly experienced in consolidating business value, planning and delivering growth, unleashing the potential of individuals and teams and managing complex solutions.


Our people are highly experienced having had successful careers in their fields of expertise, but now working with a portfolio of clients to ensure you get high quality, real-world input and advice.

Above all, we want you to enjoy working with us. We have passion and commitment to what we do and our satisfaction is derived from you being delighted with the work we do together.

Our Values:

  • We work to agreed objectives
  • We do not over-complicate
  • Open and honest, we believe in keeping you informed – no surprises
  • Our significant business experience means we fully understand the view of our clients when engaging with us
  • We provide real-world-experienced professionals who have gone on to become consultants (not the other way round)
  • We’re human. We pride ourselves on being approachable and good-humoured. We want you to enjoy working with us.