A Testimonial from a client on our IG Healthchecks

This is a great testimonial as to the value of our IG Healthchecks from one of our clients who recently went through the process with us.

‘Having recently undergone an information governance (IG) assessment with BigRed, I’d like to take the opportunity to say what a valuable exercise it has been for us. The assessment helped us understand potential areas of risk and review our existing policies and practices – Graham was extremely knowledgeable and provided practical guidance on any topics we were unsure of.

Your unique visual/graphic output was so simple to understand and made the whole process much clearer to everyone involved rather than a long confusing report. It meant we could address the important issues right away because everyone could easily see and understand what was needed. With relatively little expenditure of time and money, we were reassured about how we were doing things. The external validation was invaluable so we know we are on the right track as we grow the business.

Overall, the assessment has helped improve our knowledge of many aspects of information management that we were previously unclear on or hadn’t considered; I’d highly recommend it to any business looking to review their existing arrangements and capabilities or simply to gain a much greater understanding on information governance.

It was a pleasure to work with you and thanks again!’

Yours sincerely

Samantha Francis

Managing Director, TekExpress Ltd



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